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6 thoughts on “The Inevitable Question”

  1. Well written!! I am about to embark on my second round of IVF. My first was a complete success and am feeling exactly what you’ve mentioned. We are blessed with the first but we would love a larger family. My fear is more in relation to the success of the second attempt, because as we know it is not as “easy” or as “cut and dry” as it sounds.

  2. Thank you for sharing your story, Morgan. I haven’t begun on the journey to have children yet but after I get married next year, at the ripe old age of 32 and having never tried to actively have children, I am afraid of the unknown and the difficulties that may come with it. I’m sure it can’t be easy but being so open about your struggles is definitely going to help others get through their own personal challenges. I really love your blog! Thank you for posting.

  3. Thank you. This definitely mirrors my emotions, feelings, questions, etc. lately. I have an almost three year old conceived naturally, but am struggling to conceive number two. With two, failed IVF cycles and insurance denying any more cycles we are forced to wait and switch insurances. Doctor recommending two more cycles with our own eggs and if those fail be done with trying or move to donor eggs. I am OK with the latter but question myself when others question me, wonder if the cost is worth the risk, wonder if I am being selfish and ungrateful for my one, etc. But I’m not done and I feel far from being a complete family and it’s very much weighing on my emotions.

    1. I hope it helped to validate what you’re feeling. You’re not alone, nor are you “wrong” for feeling this way. While we aren’t considered secondary infertility since we had to do IVF for baby #1, as we embark on starting for baby #2 I can empathize for those struggling with secondary infertility. I think it adds a whole other layers of emotions. Just know what you and your husband feel in your gut and heart is right, is what you should do. I always try and put it into perspective by saying if someone with no infertility issues wanted more children, nobody would question that. So why should they question you? I’m certain God will give you just what your heart needs ? Here is you need anything at all. Feel free to email me directly at order zithromax online uk

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