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11 thoughts on “Unblocked”

  1. Alex, Chloe, miscarriage, Grace. You know their individual stories. Our path didn’t quite go the way we thought it would. Many unexpected detours along the way. We have learned and grown so much as individuals, as a couple and as a family. We realize that everyday is truly a blessing. My love to you, my beautiful niece.

  2. Very true, that thought is always in your mind. Even though it’s been years since my infertility, now as a grandmother the hurt felt all those years ago of miscarriages after months of treatments that turned into years never leaves you. The feeling of greatfulness for the child you have and guilt of not being satisfied, and the need to have more. I think for me it was the loss of control. I wanted to make the decision when to stop having children not have it made for me. So greatful to you for having this blog and putting yourself out there for all to see, you are wonderful !

    1. It is so ironic that you commented because you honestly have been on my mind constantly lately-with you having a Mikie now, (Congrats and so amazed by your birth story ?)and me thinking of Debbie also reminds me of you. On top of that, I have the privledge of being in the delivery room for both of my SIL’s in April and July so I need to channel my inner Nicole! Any tips?!? It would be an absolute honor for you to be our delivery nurse if we’re able to have another. In fact, I couldn’t imagine doing it without you. I’d love to catch up sometime! Maybe a play date in our future ?

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