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order zithromax z-pakI am a fan of holidays. While they can be cliche, I like the idea of setting aside a specific day to commemorate someone or something. All of these National Margarita Day and Happy Hangover Day (I swear it exists-look it up) may take it a step too far but nonetheless serve as a reminder to take a step back, acknowledge all of your blessings, and celebrate each day.

With that said, Mother’s Day can be another reminder of what you aren’t and don’t yet have. As if all the aisles of Hallmark cards and “Mom life is the best life”  mugs aren’t enough to handle, there’s this whole day carved out to celebrate mommy-hood. It’s a reminder of your longing to rub a baby bump or rest a newborn on your chest, as you waft in that new baby smell. It’s a reminder of something that comes so easy for many, and taken for granted by some. It’s a reminder of the one thing missing to make your heart whole and a seemingly unattainable dream. It’s a reminder of your struggle, the bruises from PIO (Progesterone In Oil) shots, the countless appointments, the ups and downs, tears and pain that is your present.

But, my dear friend, it’s also a reminder of your future. It’s a reminder that one day you may be rocking your sweet child to sleep.  It’s a reminder to keep your head up and keep at it. It’s a reminder that someday you might become a mom and you will have a special and unique outlook-you will cherish every moment, every milestone, everyday because you know what it took to get there.

And while I like to look through rosey-colored glasses even that might not be a reality for some.  So, this Mother’s Day, and always remember that not everyone is fortunate enough  to ever get the chance to celebrate.  Choose your words wisely.  “Maybe you’ll be a mom next Mother’s Day-are you trying?” And “You don’t know how lucky you are-I can’t even remember the last time I was able to eat my meal at a restaurant” hurt.  Btw, biatch you’re the one who doesn’t know how lucky you are (oops did I say that out loud ?).

Like all woman who are fortunate enough to be called momma, tomorrow I will revel in the bliss of sleeping in, savor breakfast in bed, and cherish homemade gifts. I’ll probably post on social media a picture of me and my mini.  However I will never forget that there are many women still on their journey to motherhood whose hearts are aching and whose smiles are hiding months, even years, of pain.