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Hey Girl Hey!  My name is Morgan Libero and this is my blog to help promote awareness and provide support for all things infertility related, with a whole lot of realness and a little bit of humor (believe me, every bit counts).

I’m born and raised in Connecticut where I continue to reside with my high school sweetheart, Mikie.  We started dating in May 2001, wed in September 2008, began trying to conceive in June 2011, were diagnosed with male factor infertility in October 2012, and welcomed our miracle baby, Michael Anthony Libero III in October 2014.  That’s our timeline in a nutshell-if only it were that simple!  However, I’m a true believer that we all have something in our lives that we must face and infertility just happened to be ours.  My husband is the most remarkable human being I know and if I had known before we got married what I know now , it would’t have changed a thing.  Yet, being able to welcome our son certainly was the silver, no platinum, lining for which we are forever grateful.

We’re surrounded by the most loving and tight-knit support system of family and friends, but during our journey it still wasn’t enough to get me through.  I was even lucky enough to have been in contact with some acquaintances who had difficulty trying to conceive.  However, I remember countless hours and nights spent in bed posting and waiting for the response of someone on the other end  of an infertility website, whom I knew only by screen name and not face, but had felt an immediate connection with.  I thought to myself back then, how when almost one in every eight couples struggle with infertility, is there not more local support.   I made a promise to myself that if I eventually got my baby, I would basically pay it forward.  My hope is that this blog will allow me to spread my mission and establish a  support group  for others in surrounding cities and towns and eventually founding a non-for-profit organization to provide the funds for couples who’s insurance won’t cover and/or cannot afford to pay for IVF (In Vitro Fertilization).

I by no means claim to know it all and have no medical background of any sorts, but I did my research and learned some things along the way.  Our journey is no more easier or more difficult than anyone else’s-it is just ours.  If you’re not experiencing infertility, I’m sure you’ve known or will come to know someone struggling and I hope this blog provides some insight.  If you are experiencing infertility, please reach out to me in whatever way you feel most comfortable and I hope I can be there to support you throughout your own journey.

XO (& Baby Dust too)


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